Why You Need Commercial Landscaping Services For Spring!

Why You Need Commercial Landscaping Services For Spring!

As spring arrives and the weather gets warmer, plants and flowers begin to grow and there is an increased need for certain types of commercial property maintenance and landscaping services. Winter storms and snow removal can cause damage to the earth underneath the snow, so spring is a good time to repair this damage and make your outdoor space look attractive. Here are three common reasons to hire a commercial landscaping service this spring. 

1. To Repair Damage to Flowerbeds

Landscaping service in Kitchener or Waterloo can identify and fix damage to flowerbeds caused by snow removal, high winds, frostbite, fallen branches, and other factors. Some things that a professional landscaper might do include:

  • Eliminating leaves, dirt, and other debris that have accumulated around flowers during times of rain or snowmelt 
  • Removing weeds and other unwanted plants to make room for new flower growth and maintain the health of existing flowers
  • Repairing any fences and walls around flower beds that might have been damaged during a winter storm
  • Mowing the grass surrounding flowerbeds in a manner that does not damage the flowerbeds 

Common flowers to plant during spring in Ontario include dahlias, lilies, and begonias. But regardless of the type of flowers you have, spring and summer are their time to shine. Landscaping services can restore flowerbeds back to their original glory, making your yard or commercial outdoor space appear pleasant, inviting, and well-maintained. 

2. To Prune Shrubs and Trees

The appearance and the health of shrubs and trees depend on properly maintaining them and removing dead or unhealthy leaves and branches. More specific reasons to do this include:

  • Letting natural light and air reach the healthy parts of the tree, allowing those parts to grow and thrive 
  • Preventing dead and weak limbs from potentially falling on people and property, creating a safety and liability hazard
  • Clearing greenery that blocks the view of traffic or that is growing too close to things such as power lines and stoplights 

Pruning trees during early spring makes the most sense, as this is right before most plants begin to naturally grow again. Trees in this region still lack new leaves during the early spring months, making it easier to identify unhealthy branches in need of removal.  

We can trim shrubs and trees to your desired height, whether you planted them for privacy, to mark a property line, or simply to look nice. Trimming trees can be dangerous, especially when it involves reaching a tall tree or removing a large branch. Professionals can safely prune your shrubs and trees to help ensure that you have healthy greenery on your property throughout the year. 

3. To Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn after the winter months have passed is important because snow and ice can prevent soil from absorbing moisture, leaving the grass looking brown and less than ideal. Once the grass begins to grow again, it can start to absorb the nutrients provided by fertilization. 

Incorrectly using a fertilizer can cause a host of problems, such as:

  • Physical symptoms, including dizziness, low blood pressure, stomach pain, and shortness of breath
  • Pollution to nearby lakes, streams, and ponds, potentially causing algae blooms and contamination of the water source 
  • The application of too much fertilizer causes you to waste money

If you are unsure how to apply fertilizer to your outdoor space, request the help of a landscaping specialist to prevent these issues. We recommend that you fertilize your yard three to four times per year. 

Get in touch with Snow Tech Property Maintenance to get your commercial outdoor space in top shape this spring. We can help you clean up your flowerbeds, maintain trees and shrubs, and fertilize your lawn. 

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