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The upkeep and maintenance of a commercial property can be challenging for some business owners. Commercial property owners need to partner with a talented, trustworthy team of contractors with experience and capabilities in commercial property maintenance. 

Our team at Snow Tech offers commercial property managers and owners everything they need for landscaping services. We work all year long, no matter what the weather is like outside, to keep your commercial property looking great for your employees, clients, customers and visitors.

Year-Round Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

Property maintenance and landscaping services are big jobs that require a dedicated team that has the equipment and manpower to handle the region’s weather. At Snow Tech, we offer snow removal services for the winter, lawn and garden services for the spring, summer and fall. Here is why you should choose our company for all of your commercial property maintenance needs:

  • Consistent: Snow Tech provides consistent service to our customers. During the winter, that means unlimited snow plowing visits to your property or parking lot during each storm. In the spring, summer and fall, we provide weekly lawn maintenance services.
  • Reliable: You can also count on us to be reliable, even when the weather outside is treacherous. We show up for emergency snow removal services, for salting, plowing and snow clearing. We can also help remove trash or debris from events or overnight thunderstorms quickly.
  • Responsible: When you need a responsible service, call us. We provide guaranteed times for snow plowing and removal so you don't have to wait around for service and worry about losing business or customers. We show up when we say we will, so you can plan your day. We are also fully insured and WSIB certified.
  • Accountable: We give our customers a little extra peace of mind with a fleet of GPS-equipped vehicles. Our management team can dispatch workers to your property and track their progress. Additionally, we can even provide records of services completed and equipment used on your property through GPS tracking capabilities.
  • Committed: The team at Snow Tech is committed to keeping our customers happy and their properties gorgeous. We do this with additional services such as nightly property snow and ice monitoring, complete garden maintenance services and tree circle upkeep.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Commercial property owners have a lot on their plates already, with running a business, managing staff and engaging with customers. Let Snow Tech take care of your outdoor space, no matter what Mother Nature throws at our region. Our promise to our clients is that we will take care of it so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Stop stressing out over tomorrow’s weather report and let our team handle it. Best of all, we offer monthly service reports that detail all of our visits to your property and each job we completed.

If you want to make your job easier and have one less responsibility, contact us today for a quote. Call the customer service representatives at Snow Tech at 226-972-1274 to learn more about our services for your commercial property.

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