Commercial Landscaping
& Property Maintenance

How your business appears to customers matters. As a business owner, you already know that. What you may not realize is that small details can make or break the larger, overall effect of a commercial landscape. We provide high-quality commercial property maintenance and landscaping solutions to ensure your property looks fresh and healthy and that its curb appeal meets expectations.

Commercial Landscaping

We want your commercial facility to look its best!

Spring Clean-Up

Spring clean-up takes place in mid-April and typically includes the following services:

  • Initial lawn mowing/trimming
  • Lawn de-thatching
  • Edging of curbs, walkways, flower beds and tree circles
  • Pick-up of garbage and disposal
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Cultivating flower beds
  • Blowing of debris from all walkways and entrances
  • Initial fertilizing (3-4 treatments recommended per year)

Full-Service Landscaping and Property Maintenance

From tree care and mowing to keeping your parking lot and walkways clear with snow removal, Snow Tech offers a full range of property maintenance and landscaping services. When it comes to commercial landscaping Kitchener Waterloo business owners can rest assured that we offer comprehensive services to meet your landscaping needs.

Commercial Property Maintenance for Every Season

Seasonal changes in the Ontario weather can make it difficult for businesses to keep up with lawns, gardens and other landscaping features. However, these are critical to maintaining curb appeal and making your business look inviting to potential customers. Here are just a few ways Snow Tech can help your business landscape adjust to changing weather.

Regular landscaping in Kitchener Waterloo is necessary to keep your business’ lawn looking green, healthy and professional throughout the warmer weather, too. By coupling routine mowing with additional landscaping services, such as aeration, fertilizer application and reseeding, Snow Tech does more than keep it trimmed and neat. We also provide your business landscape with a strong foundation for growth.

Landscaping and Property Maintenance


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Services to Improve Your Commercial Property

  • Green Bullet Icon Weekly lawn maintenance: Keep lawns and gardens attractive and welcoming with our mowing, mulching, and tree
    circle maintenance services.
  • Green Bullet Icon Comprehensive lawn care: Seasonal services, such as aerating, fertilizer application, top dressing and overseeding
    help keep your lawn lush, green and attractive all season long.
  • Green Bullet Icon Garbage and litter pick-up: Don't let other people's trash ruin your carefully planned landscape. Adding our litter
    removal services ensures your business property isn't covered in trash.
  • Green Bullet Icon Garden construction: A square patch of grass, no matter how healthy, doesn't provide a warm welcome. Our garden
    construction services will help brighten up your landscape and make it more appealing.
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