Commercial Landscaping: Keeping a Lawn & Garden Healthy Year-Round With Snow Tech

Commercial Landscaping: Keeping a Lawn & Garden Healthy Year-Round With Snow Tech

Expertly maintaining a commercial property is no easy task. While in-house maintenance teams may be able to skim the surface with mowing and weeding, there is always more to do. A genuinely excellent display of your business’s attention to detail will shine through in your commercial landscaping choices. Rather than spend your own time and resources planning and working the site, let Snow Tech professionally handle your commercial property maintenance and landscaping in Kitchener-Waterloo. 

Planning Your Planting 

Maintenance is more than just keeping bushes trimmed back and lawns neatly mowed. Experts in horticulture know which plants will thrive in the area and on your property’s specific landscape. Understanding when and how to plant different cultivars will ensure that you have lasting colour and ground coverage throughout the seasons. 

The natural response to choosing plants for landscaping is to select as many as possible to fill customer-facing areas. Brightening entranceways and walk paths with blooms are ideal for business. While flowers and shrubs certainly add curb appeal, planting too many can be damaging and lead to overcrowding, disease, and loss of landscaping investments. Maintaining the appropriate depth and distance when planting is essential for proper growth. Skilled horticulturists will also pay attention to how the property interacts with the sun.

Pruning Is Essential 

Schedule pruning for the end of the winter season, and take off damaged limbs suffering from disease or breakage. This timing is less likely to harm the whole plant during the end of winter. When trees are dormant in the winter, they harden and wait for the new growth of spring. However, if a tree poses a risk of danger, it is still best to remove the limb as soon as possible to avoid injuries or other damages.

Pruning is best left to skilled arborists, and trees need special care that includes detailed timing and specific tools. Rather than bulge, the budget for the purchase and upkeep of specialized tools for commercial property maintenance essentials, like pruning, hiring the professionals at Snow Tech makes pruning easy and cost-effective. There is likely little time in your day as a property or business owner to learn about which tools are necessary for pruning specific trees. 

Fertilizing Your Soil 

For the grass to grow greener and the landscaping choices to bloom brighter, your soil needs to be balanced with nutrients year-round. The recommended fertilizer treatment for the entire commercial property is three to four per year, depending on the duration of the wet season. Treating the grounds with fertilizer is not hazardous but is a task that requires safety gear and intelligent timing. 

Cleaning Up Every Fall 

While everyone focuses on the spring season for planting, cultivating, and weeding treatments, fall sets the stage for how successful your spring growth will be. During the fall, professional commercial property maintenance services include:

  • Mulching and bagging leaves 
  • Removal of debris 
  • Aerating the grounds
  • Fall fertilizer application 
  • Edging and trimming 
  • Wrapping of plants for winter 
  • Ice and snow preparation 

Maintaining Routine Watering 

Your commercial property needs a carefully planned watering routine even during the wet season and the cold winter months. Without a watering plan, both your grass and your landscaping will pay the price. Green grass will quickly turn brown if overwatered or in drought conditions. Snow Tech’s commercial property management will complete soil checks and set watering routines based on localized knowledge of the weather and climate. 

Because properties come in a diverse range of sizes and lawncare needs, Snow Tech offers personalized packages to meet your needs. From just the essentials to an all-inclusive package, your commercial property will be in good hands every season of the year. Contact Snow Tech today to learn more about commercial property management.

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