Property Maintenance
Account Management



Winter Snow Removal

  • Detailed activity reporting on a weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Year-end summary reports at the end of each season
  • Detailed year-over-year snow plow and salting activity so you can better estimate budgets and manage costs accurately
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Recommendations for improving the ease of snow removal – did you know that something as simple as moving a few parking curbs for the winter season can save you money?
Green Tractor Snow Removal

Landscaping and Property Maintenance

Landscape Crew Scaled

Municipal Clients

  • municipal level project reporting highlighting which roads have been cut, trimmed and had garbage removed
  • unique login and 24/7 access to our GPS tracking system to validate where equipment is located on municipal roads at anytime
  • reporting is sent by email at the start and end of every cut cycle to share planned and completed work

Commercial Clients

  • access to a shared Google Calendar to see when jobs are scheduled
  • monthly reporting showing work that was completed on-site
  • email communication for special requests to help improve the look of your property (ie. additional topsoil, mulch)
Landscape Scaled

Do you know how many times your parking lot was plowed last year or how many times it was salted? What about how much salt was used?

Do you know the last time your lawn was mowed or watered? What about when the lawn was last fertilized?

With Snow Tech’s property maintenance account management, you will know the answers to all of these questions. We provide complete snow removal and landscape property maintenance account management as part of our value-added services. All customers will receive account management free of charge as a value-added service. Contact us today for a free quote.

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