Commercial Sidewalk Snow Removal

During the winter months, snow and ice can present serious hazards to anyone who visits your property. This includes workers, customers and even passersby. In some cases, you can become liable for injuries related to not clearing the snow on the sidewalk surrounding your place of business. This makes sidewalk snow removal a crucial service in your winter commercial property maintenance plan.

Why Snowy Sidewalks Are a Problem

Sidewalks make it safer for pedestrians to share the roadway with motorized vehicles. Consequently, pedestrians will often use the sidewalk in front of your business, even when they do not plan to enter the premises:

How We Can Help

Sidewalks are often left neglected when they are one of the most important aspects of snow removal. We currently manage over 40 kilometres of municipal and inner sidewalks and entranceways. We use different equipment based on the property, to guarantee the most efficient and best results.

How We Keep Workers Safe

Snow, ice and cold temperatures are as hazardous for our workers as they are for yours. Not surprisingly, our clients often ask how we protect our workers. Our professionals work from the comfort of enclosed snow-plowing units. This allows them to work without physical strain and without direct exposure to the elements. Sidewalk crews that do hand shoveling, wear high-visibility clothing and work out of a heated RTV. 

What Equipment We Use

Our commitment to serving you and protecting our workers compels us to use state-of-the-art snow-clearing equipment. The snow plows include hydraulic blades that are four to five feet in width. This allows us to clear the full width of the sidewalk with fewer passes. That, in turn, helps our team to work quickly and effectively.

For ice removal, if you have interlocking walkways or a well-maintained concrete path, it might be time to consider more eco-friendly options. A common alternative to salt is calcium chloride. It works well in even the coldest conditions and melts ice faster than almost anything else on the market.

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Property Damage from Salt

Preventing damage to the outside of buildings, parking, concrete and brick is a big concern for many property managers. High end clients, often choose to use Ice Melt by doorways to help reduce salt being carried into buildings from foot traffic. Ice Melt is often used on porous surfaces or where the rock salt eating through the concrete and rebar is a concern. Eventually, salt damage can reach structural rebar.

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