Commercial Snow Haulage

During the winter months, snow removal services play an important role in commercial property maintenance. When you clear the snow from sidewalks and parking lots, it has to go somewhere. Some businesses have enough unused spaces to relocate the snow. Others might need contractors to haul or blow the snow off to a different location.

To some business owners, hauling snow might seem like an unnecessary hassle. Unfortunately, failure to do so could cause snow to continue to pile up on the property, especially during storms.

In the event of high winds, you might also need to rethink packing high snowbanks around the property as they will topple. Toppled snow banks reintroduce all the original dangers of snow and ice on the property that compelled you to hire snow removal services in the first place:

Orange Tractor Fleet

Snow Relocation Options

There are pros and cons to each available option. We evaluate each property we work on to determine which option might be best for you.

Create Snow Banks

If you have limited space, we can create snowbanks on the outer rims of your property. Not all properties are suitable for this option, especially if there are children playing in the general area. High snowbanks can also obstruct visibility. Also, the higher the snowbanks, the greater the likelihood of them toppling.

Spread the Snow

If you have a large property with unused spaces, we can relocate the snow in snowbanks by blowing it and spreading it out over a certain area. We use our John Deere tractors fitted with nine-foot-long snow blowers to accomplish this. It takes only a minute to move 70 feet of snow in this way.

Haul the Snow

When neither of these options works for your property, we use tri-axel dump trucks to haul the snow away to our snow dump. We then use the dump trucks and our blowers to distribute the snow in this location.

How We Protect Our Workers

Snowplowing rarely ranks among the most comfortable jobs on the market, but our workers might disagree. We keep them nice and toasty inside enclosed tractors. This protects them from the elements. The fact that they have access to these tractors also eliminates the need for them to physically strain themselves with manual labour.

How Often We Haul the Snow

Snowfall varies and businesses have different needs. Because of this, we assess each business differently before making recommendations. If you have an existing commercial property maintenance plan, we can also do everything we can to maintain that schedule.

In the event of snowstorms, rest assured that our team will come out several times to clear the space. This, in turn, will generate the need to haul even more snow. So, we will also increase how often we need to do this. Our priority is always to keep your property safe.

How To Get Started

More than 80 schools in the Kitchener-Waterloo area trust our company to meet their snow removal and snow hauling needs. However, we serve many types of businesses and look forward to serving you. If you have questions about our rates or process, contact Snow Tech at 226-792-5545.

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