Ice Management

At Snow Tech, we handle everything to keep your property free of hard-packed snow and ice. Our professional crews apply salt, pre-wet salt, treated salt and liquid to properties using large SnowEx and epoke salters. Ice accumulation is a fact of life during cold Canadian winters, and unfortunately failing to respond to it makes your business negligent. But with our commercial property maintenance services, you can rest assured that we will help keep your property safe and you free of litigation.
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What Injuries Can Result From Slipping on Ice?

Slip-and-fall injuries due to ice can result in serious injuries. Broken bones are common and some, such as hip fractures, can be extremely serious. Brain injuries result more often from falls than from any other cause, including organized sports. Slipping on ice can also result in serious injuries to the spine, such as painful compression fractures. This is why clearing ice from your property is so important. Other companies focus on snow clearing, but we take another approach, locating pedestrian high-risk locations for slips and falls and ensuring all areas are free of snow and ice.

What Are the Risks to You and Your Business?

Failure to provide adequate ice maintenance is considered negligence on your part. You may be held liable for any damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The average cost of a slip-and-fall injury is between $30,000 and $40,000. That figure does not include the potential reputational harm done to your business if word gets around that you didn’t provide adequate snow removal services.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Snow Tech?

We understand that it is important to treat and clear your sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots before the day begins. That’s why we arrive at your property early before anyone else gets there so that your property is ready for business. Additionally, we offer you the following benefits:

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