The Importance of Keeping Sidewalks Free From Snow and Ice This Winter

The Importance of Keeping Sidewalks Free From Snow and Ice This Winter

Shovelling walkways and parking lots can take time away from operating your business, and depending on how large your commercial property is, it may be nearly impossible. Consider Snow Tech as your commercial property maintenance team for professional and timely ice and snow removal services. Don’t take a chance on not having your business safely open for employees and customers in time for regular operating hours. 

Commercial Property Maintenance 

Having a contract in place all year round who understands the local weather will help prepare your property for any events. We will work with you and your business to maintain the commercial property no matter the season. However, winter presents an additional need for caution and care. An experienced maintenance team can help your business stay open during operating hours and provide a safe shopping and working experience. 

Reduces Liability 

Snow and ice on walkways are dangerous; there are no two ways about it. There is an increased risk of slip and fall injuries even with the most careful of footing choices. When people fall, there is no telling how badly they could be hurt or how. Secure snow and ice removal as part of your maintenance contract rather than risk a personal injury or Workers’ Comp claims. 

Better Business 

Businesses without removal services spend a good portion of snow days shovelling their way out of a drift. When you aren’t in the store, you are missing potential sales. Your business does better when you are there to run it and when customers have the opportunity to make purchases. Keep your business open with cleared parking lots and walkways. 

Safe Navigation 

In addition to walkway injuries, car accidents are commonplace on icy roads and in slick parking lots. Customers may not return to a business that did not take the time to make the parking lot safe to park in during winter. Stepping out of a car onto black ice is no less susceptible to a slip and fall than an icy sidewalk. Property maintenance contracts often pre-treat parking lots and sidewalks before the snow hits to prevent ice. 

Commercial Snow and Ice Services 

Snow Tech property maintenance specializes in commercial snow plowing, ice management, sidewalk snow removal, and snow haulage in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Our property maintenance services extend past just the winter months, and we are happy to partner with commercial properties all year long. Year-round service ensures vibrant curb appeal and weather-based maintenance solutions no matter the season. Winter, however, requires a little more attention than the other seasons. 


Weather doesn’t work on a predictable schedule which is why our plowing and removal services operate 24/7 to keep your property safe and clear of snow accumulations. We own our equipment, so there is no waiting in line for the services you need now. 


In addition to immediate access to machinery and around the clock care, our snow services have other advantages, including: 

  • Unlimited repeat visits 
  • Guaranteed plow-by times 
  • Emergency daytime plowing 
  • Dedicated parking lot crew 
  • Dedicated sidewalk team 


While snow can cause its own surplus of problems, ice can be disastrous. It is integral to your business to add an ice removal service to prevent injuries, damage asphalt, or re-freeze. 


The best way to treat ice is proactive, and salt application is generally the best method of ice control. Professional services ensure that enough salt is used to prevent ice build-up but not too much to violate environmental factors or regulations. 


Ice removal prevents dangerous slip and fall accidents that are harmful. The most common injuries from slipping on ice include:

  • Broken bones 
  • Sprain and strains 
  • Scrapes and bruises
  • Broken or chipped teeth 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Spinal compression 
  • Bruised tailbone 

For more information on professional commercial property maintenance that will meet the needs of your business throughout the year and especially during the winter months, contact Snow Tech Property Maintenance today.

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