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Using liquids to anti-ice sidewalks in Kitchener

Why use Liquids?
Liquids serve two purposes for us. We apply them during the day before a storm hits to treat sidewalks and we apply liquids directly onto sidewalks after we have plowed the snow as a replacement to putting rock salt down. The treated sidewalks can melt the first 1-2 cm of snow fall. This helps keep sidewalks safe for people that are using them in the middle of a snow event.

How are we applying Liquids on sidewalks?
We have equipped our 2018 Kubota RTV with a SnowEx VSS-1000 liquid sprayer which conveniently pops in and out of the back of the RTV in exchange for a traditional rock salter. It has a 50’ hose line which we use to spray narrow pathways, steps and ramps.

Type of Liquids
We use Ice-Axe which is an organic based additive that can also be used for pre-treating rock salt. Ice-Axe increases the melting capacity of treated salt up to -29C. We like the product because it does not leave any residue that needs to be cleaned up. It’s 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Application Rates
Using the manufacturer suggested calibration rate has been successful. The liquid melts 1-2 cm of snow and the surfaces were not slippery or icy for the rest of the day. In mild temperatures, the results were comparable to surfaces that had been pre-treated with rock salt.

Educating our staff
The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) has been a great resource for educating ourselves on the benefits of using liquids and how to use liquids in a practical setting. Our staff have attended the Virtual Liquid Brine Strategy Online Conference and completed the Fundamentals of Anti-Icing & Liquids online training course offered through SIMA in October 2020.