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Snow Haulage

Too much snow? Not enough space?

Snow relocation & snow hauling are often a very important consideration for larger clients or companies with limited parking spots. Keeping parking spots open after a snow event allows customers or employees to easily enter and exit the building. During long winters, snow banks can become high and hazardous for drivers.

John Deere tractor with snow blower

John Deere tractor with snow blower in Waterloo

The first step we always recommend is on-site snow relocation wherever it is possible. This involves moving snow from one location on your property to another.

There are two options for on-site snow relocation:

  • If you have a large open space we can blow the snow from snow banks and spread it out over a large area. It will look like the snow banks simply disappeared. This often involves breaking down snow banks from one end of the parking lot and moving snow to where it can easily be blown with a snow blower.

  • We can pile snow banks higher in order to clear more parking spaces. Depending on the purpose for your parking lot this may or may not be an option as snow bank height limits can obstruct visibility or be a safety concern if there are children playing in the area.
On-site snow relocation is completed using our John Deere tractor with a 9′ snow blower. We often use Bobcat Skidsteers to help move the snow to increase efficiencies.

image of a snow plow clearing a parking lot in Kitchener Waterloo

Snow Removal using a John Deere 6150M

If there is not enough room on your property to complete on-site snow relocation, we can haul the snow to our snow dump using tri-axel dump trucks. Using our tractor and blower we can load tri-axel dump trucks and haul the snow away.

Did you know our tractor can blow snow up to 70 feet and can load a tri-axel dump truck in less than 1 minute!