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Sidewalk Snow Removal

It’s important to keep sidewalks clear from snow and ice to allow employees or customers to pass safely to and from your building.

Image of a snow plow removing snow from a sidewalkOur experience in the snow removal industry has taught us that sidewalk clearing and salting is often the one aspect that is overlooked by other contractors. That’s why we give snow plowing your sidewalks and walkways the attention they deserve.

Our professional crew is equipped with enclosed sidewalk units with 4 or 5 foot hydraulic blades. This ensures their safety on the job and allows them to complete the job without over straining their body or being exposed to the cold.

Our crew is warm and toasty inside the cab clearing snow and carry shovels with them to clear steps and narrow pathways. 

Image of a tractor used for snow plowing and saltingUsing the right equipment to get the job right allows us to clear sidewalks to their full width and maintain the full width through heavy snowfalls all season long.

Having a separate crew handle the sidewalk clearing and salting separately from the parking lot means your property will be visited more than once per night by different people during a winter storm event. This is another added level of quality control.

Do you have concrete or interlock walkways?

If your building has well maintained concrete or interlock walkways you may want to consider using an environmentally friendly ice melter such as calcium chloride.

Calcium chloride is the top of the line product with the quickest melting action available in the market and works in the coldest conditions.