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Ice control

Are you looking for a company with ice management & salting experience? We use a combination of pre-wet salt, direct liquid applications and rock salt to service properties before, during and post-storms. 

When it comes to keeping your property free of hard-packed snow and ice you need to be thinking about:

  • Where pedestrians are at high-risk for slip and falls (ie. by hills or shaded areas) 
  • What products will be used and when they will be applied 
  • How these products will be tracked and how you will be billed 
  • Environmental impacts to surrounding landscaping (grass, gardens) 
  • Site restrictions (ie. drainage issues, run-off, custom pavers/concrete)

At Snow Tech, we manage all of these important issues on your behalf. Our professional crews apply salt, pre-wet salt, treated salt and liquid to properties using large SnowEx and epoke salters. Salt application spread rates will be established for your property and will be used each time salt is applied to ensure a clean black-top surface is achieved.

Ice management & salting is the most important part of snow removal on many different levels.

  • It is likely your biggest snow removal cost.
  • Icy parking lots and sidewalks can cause slip and falls and increase liability.
  • Too much salt leaves a white residue on your parking lot, is harmful to the environment, and can damage the grass and even the parking lot surface.
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Alternative De-icing Products

Although rock salt is the most common deicing product there are other options available for ice management. We’re seeing a real shift in the way contractors are approach ice management.

At the end of the day, we’re responsible for the rock salt that enters our water tables and we want to work with you to keep people safe while protecting our environment. Learn more about ice management for sidewalks.