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Finding a snow plowing contractor for 2018/2019 season

Everyone I talk to these days seems to be predicting a winter that is worst than last year, and here I am thinking that last winter was pretty long. We had an early start in November and we ended the season off with one of the largest ice storms in the middle of April. If you combine the weather forecasts with the salt shortage in Ontario right now, we’re starting to brew the perfect storm.

I think one of the key things for customers to think about going into the 2018/2019 winter season is that it’s important to get locked in with a snow removal contractor right away. If you don’t have a snow plowing & salting contract as of now, you’re already late in the game as most of the reputable snow removal companies will be fully booked. In our case, we had a 98% retention rate even with asking our customers to take on the additional cost of salt this year. From what I’ve heard in the industry, there are some contractors who are walking away from contracts because they can’t provide the service at the agreed upon rate or they are reducing their client load and letting go of smaller clients. That leaves a lot of clients looking for a new snow plowing service with a reduced number of contractors in the field that are willing and able to take on new work.

So, what should you do if your snow plowing contractor from last year is no longer able to service your parking lot and you need to find someone new?
1) Start calling now for quotes.
2) Evaluate your options and make a quick decision.
3) Ask how much salt reserves your snow plowing contractor has and how much you will have access too.
4) Make sure the snow removal company will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance.
5) Ask for a contract so you have everything in writing.

The most important thing is finding a snow contractor now, and not waiting until the first snowfall in November to make the call. We’re still taking on a few smaller sites if they are located within our existing routes or if they require daytime service.

If you have any questions, feel free to call and talk to us at anytime.
~ Alicia Calma