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How to best prepare your property for winter maintenance

As a property manager, winter maintenance can be a big scary term that means lots of headaches. Aside from choosing a dependable, professional snow removal contractor there are some basic winter maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself to prepare for a smooth winter season.

If you are managing a large commercial facility you likely have a snow removal contractor that will take care of all of your winter maintenance preparations for you. However, many landlords and property owners will also take care of these tasks on their own.

Here are a few quick tips that property managers and owners in the Kitchener-Waterloo area can use to prepare their property for snow plowing.

  • Do a fall clean-up of the gardens and lawn.
  • Remove any portable items such as planters inside or out of the way of snow removal equipment.
  • Wrap sensitive trees or shrubs in burlap to protect them from the winter elements.
  • Purchase wooden stakes (from Home Depot or a comparable store) and hammer them into the outer edge of your asphalt parking lot. Marking any obstacles with wooden stakes will prevent lawn damage from snow plows.
  • Purchase or arrange for your snow removal contractor to have a salt/sand storage box placed by important entrances and exists. Depending on your situation these bins can be used by custodial staff or residents as needed.
  • Arrange for your snow removal contractor to visit the site before the winter season starts. We always recommend having the snow removal contractor, and specifically the operator that will be plowing your property, walk the property before the first snow falls to reacquaint themselves with the facility.