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2464 Herrgott Road
St. Clements, Ontario,

Anti-icing with liquids in Kitchener

We had our new 2018 Kubota RTV out anti-icing municipal sidewalks, wheel chair ramps, and stairs in Kitchener before the snow came last week. We’re using a SnowEx VSS-1000 liquid sprayer which conveniently pops in and out of the back of the RTV in exchange for the salter. It also has a 50’ hose line which we were able to easily use to spray narrow pathways, steps and ramps were the sidewalk unit could not fit.

The first test using the manufacturer suggested calibration rate was a success. It melted 1+ cm of snow and the surfaces were not slippery or icy for the duration of the following day. We still have a bit of playing around to do as the results in the mild temperatures were comparable to surfaces that had been pre-treated with rock salt.

We’re looking forward to continuing to test the product. Where we will see the biggest benefit will be as the temperatures remain colder as the winter progresses. This is when we anticipate to see the product really exceed the results of rock salt. There are no availability concerns with liquids, which gives us another great alternative to keeping our properties safe this winter.