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Now Hiring – Snow Plow Tractor Operator

Last year our tractor operators were our key success in plowing over 96 acres of parking lots! We run newer model John Deere and Kubota tractors with MetalPless LiveEdge blades.

As a Tractor Operator, you’re responsible for a designated route of sites for the season. Typical shifts are from 11 pm – 6:30 am. Preference will be given to individuals with previous tractor experience either snow plowing or farming. All tractors have CB radios, GPS, and are generally located on-site throughout Kitchener-Waterloo. You will be responsible for communicating regularly with dispatch, and 18 other operators that are working together as a team to plow parking lots, sidewalks and salt.

To apply, please call Luke at 519-591-1274.

Ontario salt shortage – Planning for success

In our last blog post we talked about why there is an anticipated salt shortage for this upcoming winter in Ontario.

Here is what we are doing to prepare and keep our clients safe this winter.

We’re stock piling salt now to make sure that we have enough salt on hand in the event that local depots run out of salt.

Our ePoke salters are equipped with a pre-wet system to treat salt as it comes out of the spinner. Pre-wet salt sticks to pavement better and application rates can be slightly reduced to help spread bulk salt further.

Sidewalks and steps are pretreated with liquids, primarily brine, the day before a snow event to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, making plowing easier and resulting in less salt used after the storm.

Snow plowing is done with MetalPless LiveEdge plows which have 24′ trip edge sections that move up and down with the pavement allowing the blade to scrape tighter to the pavement and leave less snow residue behind.

We’re working closely with our preferred vendors to continue “on-demand” pick-up of bulk and bagged salt products.

Infographic of body copy

Action plan to manage Ontario Salt Shortage

If you’re interested in more information about snow removal or the Ontario salt shortage, feel free to call us at 519-699-0772 at anytime. 

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MetalPless LiveEdge

Ontario Salt Shortage

Salt shortages are anticipated for the 2018/2019 winter season.

What’s causing the salt shortage?

1.) The 2017/2018 winter season was long with many ice events which depleted local salt inventory levels including a large ice storm in mid/late April. This resulted in the local mines starting out with less salt in their inventory levels than would normally be anticipated at the end of a winter season.

2.) Employees of Compass Minerals that operates the largest salt mine in Goderich were on strike for 11 weeks from the end of April to the end of July resulting in decreased production at the mine.

3.) Municipalities are purchasing more salt than in prior years. Salt mines must fulfill the purchase orders for government contracts before they will sell to the depots and independent contractors.


Get the facts about Ontario’s salt shortage