Monthly Archives: January 2017

Farm tractors available for rent

Our snow tractors will be available for rent starting on April 15, 2017. We are offering a reduced rate for pre-booking multiple months.

  • Full-size tractors available for farming
  • Tractors available for hauling
  • Compact tractors available for mowing grass at commercial or residential properties

Pick-up or delivery of tractors can be arranged.

Give us a call now to discuss our rates.

Salt or sand your gravel laneway

We now provide salting and sanding services to gravel laneways after 8 am. 

Communities that we service:

Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Clements, St. Jacobs, Heidelberg, Elmira, Linwood, Millbank, Wellesley, Baden and surrounding areas 

Please call us at 519-699-0772 to request same day service. 
Snow plowing is also available. 

Is your parking lot full? Are you loosing parking spaces?

December 2016 was a record month for snow fall in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. As a snow plow contractor, we service a lot of elementary and high schools. As soon as the snow stops falling, we are busy blowing back the snow to empty parking spaces. Here is a few pictures of our John Deere 6150M and Pronovost snow blower in action.

For more pictures, check out our Facebook page at

John Deere 6150M with Pronovost snow blower

John Deere 6150M with Pronovost snow blower